VLSI Verification

Sivakumar P R

reputation-badge Founder & CEO, Maven Silicon
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Founder and CEO of Maven Silicon, responsible for the company's vision, overall strategy, business and technology.A seasoned engineering professional who has worked in various fields, including electrical engineering, academia and semiconductor industries for more than 21 years. In semiconductor sector, worked as a Verification Consultant for the top EDA companies Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor & helped various ASIC and FPGA design houses deploy and use various verification methodologies effectively, resulting in successful tape out of SoCs and Chips. LinkedIn Profile:

  • Delivered various Corporate Training courses at IBM NXP Cypress Broadcom Qualcomm ST Micro AMD AvagoTech Wipro Samsung etc.
  • EDA flow development
  • Verification IPs and consulting services
From Bangalore, Karnataka Speaks English

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2031 Ratings
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  • Sriram
    16 May 2018


  • Aakash
    16 May 2018

    Nice course to attend those who are interested in VLSI.

  • Amulya
    06 June 2018

    Excellent explanations, New insights to the concepts, throughly enjoying the learning.

  • Ketan Thakur
    13 June 2018

    video is informative.

  • Vinay
    18 June 2018

    Wonderful course, well structured, Videos are awesome.

  • Manoj
    20 June 2018

    I like this course, I can learn the concepts properly by repeatedly watching the videos and the explanations for the concepts are simply superb , course is very well structured, It has labs and project also

  • Santhosh Bachu
    28 June 2018

    i love the way he has explained thank you Sir

  • Suhas B Shirol
    10 July 2018

    This course is wonderful for the students who want to enter into VLSI industry, as i am the faculty in college still got interest in the Videos and the quiz and lab . The explanation is done excellent. I thank Maven Silicon for such wonderful course.

  • M Shivakumar
    14 July 2018

    very well explained.. worth enrolling into this course

    15 July 2018

    awesome explanation and test experience was awesome.

  • Rajesh Gowda
    19 July 2018

    excellent teaching

  • Madhavapeddi Rajashekar Reddy
    22 July 2018

    its a good platform to learn VLSI

  • Syamkumar
    23 July 2018

    Great Course

  • Ravi Kant
    01 August 2018

    Very useful course to learn about the techniques and sharpen the skills in VLSI chip design.

    01 August 2018

    Great explanation

  • Balaji Ghandhi P
    04 August 2018

    my first ever learning experience in vlsi in online,really i have more doubts when i start this course,but i haven't felt while i'm moving with it.the video sessions are clear enough and it just broke my expectation.......and i'm strong with my basics.

    07 August 2018

    I get information that I dont know and also I am learning new thing

  • Gyan Chand
    08 August 2018

    All the concepts of Digital and Verilog HDL are covered nicely !!! Thanks Sir.

  • Noor Fathima
    08 August 2018

    It was helpful to me.

  • Gajanan
    09 August 2018

    For the first time I understood what is SoC.....

  • Suresh Manjini
    22 August 2018

    I will suggest for Every electronic students .

    31 August 2018

    very nice course on VLSI

  • Chethan M
    03 September 2018

    The presentations are of high quality and automated to such an extent that we can easily understand the concept

  • Rachapalli Roshini
    06 September 2018

    I really love taking this course it enhances my knowledge in VLSI and it helps me a lot to understand verilog concepts. The videos are of awesome quality.

  • Supriya R
    10 September 2018

    It was well organized.

  • Venkat
    10 September 2018

    best teaching

  • Shruti
    10 September 2018

    Enjoyed the theory concepts and done practicals also. Thanks Sivakumar sir for this excellent workshop.

  • Vannalu Aruna
    11 September 2018

    excellent teaching

  • Sandeep Thallada
    19 September 2018

    Excellent course.!!.:)

  • Abhishek Kumar
    28 September 2018

    this course is very good for ece student superb

  • Sandipan Bhattacharyya
    15 October 2018

    This course is very good to get the basic idea about the basics of VLSI design.

  • Sridhar G
    29 October 2018

    Super video lecture

  • Varun H H
    29 October 2018

    I felt the videos are very clear

  • Varun H H
    29 October 2018

    I felt the videos are very clear

  • Chandrakala J
    29 October 2018


  • Kiran S
    01 November 2018

    we learn something about more on vlsi

  • Shiv Swarup
    02 November 2018


  • Vinay kumar sharma
    11 November 2018

    This is a great course. I got a lot of confidence in verilog after the completion of this course. Thank u.

  • Vinay kumar sharma
    19 November 2018

    very good course and very helpful in understanding the logics

  • Rajesh kumar
    20 November 2018

    Amazing course with concise and easy.

  • Sravan Kumar Reddy
    24 November 2018

    Really good course to brush up fundamentals and good examples while explaining concepts.

  • Channabasava
    27 November 2018


  • Rajesh Kumar Prasad
    28 November 2018

    Amazing course.

  • Supritha S M
    30 November 2018

    It's nice

    03 December 2018

    Excellent teaching

  • Srinivasa J
    04 December 2018

    It was a good experience

  • M.krishna swetha
    04 December 2018

    This course has given me basic idea about verilog and simulation

  • SriGanesh D
    06 December 2018

    its really good

  • Karthik Biju
    19 December 2018

    good course.

  • Sachin N
    21 January 2019

    had good experience and liked the way they treated us.

  • Sameera
    25 January 2019

    Knowledgeable session

  • Nayana Ram
    25 January 2019

    Excellent learning

    05 February 2019


  • Nutalapati Rajesh
    09 February 2019


  • Harshitha Yadavalli
    16 February 2019

    i am totally satify with this course.thank you maveen silicon

  • V Naga Shireesha
    22 February 2019

    It's very useful to students

  • Bala Nagavardhan
    25 February 2019

    I found this Assignments very good and creative. These makes me think more and more, of course found difficult to solve. Thank you.

  • Shruthi J K
    06 March 2019

    It is very helpful, mainly for starters in VLSI and easy excess of information whenever needed for a quick rewind for strong base in VLSI it's best

  • Nisha monnappa
    21 March 2019

    That was a good pitch to start learning. :)

  • Mallikarjun Sidnal
    21 March 2019


  • Ambika Dukandar
    30 March 2019


  • Basavaraj Sr
    31 March 2019

    Workshop was so helpful

  • Archana
    02 April 2019

    Quite understandable.. Good beginning

  • Kukidi Bhanu Prakash
    08 April 2019


  • mohamed
    10 April 2019

    the course is very helpful for university students

  • V Lakshmi Srinija
    15 April 2019


  • Charitha Nagamalla
    24 April 2019

    I would like to tell others because ,the course and application of the knowledge of this is very well explained ,we get interest in the subject a lot

  • Harish.V
    28 April 2019

    Explanation is good

    28 April 2019

    Shiva Kumar sir thanks for giving a clear picture about VLSI.

  • Fatema
    29 April 2019

    Very helpful and easy to understand.

  • Latha
    30 April 2019


    30 April 2019

    Everything was perfect, i was totally satisfied with all the DM classes, the course was really worth attending, it was really informative. Good Curriculum. The instructor spoke very clear and was very knowledgeable. Before attending this course, i was at a stage in my life that i really need someone to guide me in digital as am not so good in this module, so i felt like that, but now after attending this DM course by Shiva kumar sir, i really feel happy that i gained knowledge and am confident on this module. Thank you so much for such a great experience with the online DM course.

  • Prashanthi
    04 May 2019

    excellent explanation

  • harinath
    17 May 2019

    This online course is good

  • Mamatha
    25 May 2019

    good course

  • M.surekha
    26 May 2019

    A clear view on all Topics and very interesting.

  • Priyanka Siriguppa
    08 June 2019

    It was a good recap session of what we have learned and in a proper format.

  • Sanjay Mouli
    19 June 2019

    I'm Indeed Overwhelmed To Take Up The Course(VLSI-DM) From "Maven Silicon".It Integrates From Scratch With Ease..And Maven Taught Me Not Only VLSI-DM..Also How To Tackle Typical Situations In Life..!

  • Shashank P
    21 June 2019

    it was very helpful for bascis

  • Apoorva Shanker Tripathi
    27 June 2019

    Good content

    02 August 2019

    Excellent material and training

  • chaithanya
    02 August 2019

    Currently i'm doing my Masters in SUNY New Paltz. Although my majors is Power Systems I have taken one course related to VLSI in my 2nd semester. Then I have decided to learn somemore about VLSI, so I decided to take Online course and done internship in Maven Silicon for a month during my vacation in India. It was very useful and the project done in my internship gave me some exposure on how this industry works. I highly recommend this course to my fellow students.

  • Anusha Suryavanshi
    05 August 2019

    maven silicon is one of the best VLSI training institute with well equipped lab and well trained faculty.It was nice experience learning at Maven Silicon

  • Meha
    07 August 2019

    Excellent Explanation

  • Mohamad Hazwan Haron
    07 August 2019

    High quality specialized information presented in top level view

  • Vaishnavi B R
    08 August 2019

    Got to know about how exactly the IC design flow is , in industries.. Good..

  • Rakshith Ramesh
    08 August 2019

    Speaks of SoC components in a simple way & what it takes to put all IPs together

  • Aswini
    12 August 2019

    well this course is good start fro me to improve core knowledge

  • Himanshu Raina
    12 August 2019

    Excellent Start!

  • Sherri
    12 August 2019

    I like that it starts at a high, practical level and dives deeper into architecture.

  • Anchuri Nandini
    12 August 2019

    It is really a very useful course.

  • Venkata
    12 August 2019

    Interesting course.

  • Ruffuddeen Basha
    12 August 2019

    Good,Very helpful to the beginners

  • Sai Krishna
    12 August 2019

    Learnt Good Knowledge

  • Dimple Saikia
    14 August 2019

    like the course.sir has explained the course very deeply in short time. Great job.

    14 August 2019

    Provides skills to get job

  • Akshaykumar Bhanushali
    14 August 2019

    Nice explained.

  • Sai Madhav
    16 August 2019

    Excellent course to study online. The explanation is Awesome.

  • Sharanya M S
    18 August 2019

    Course is really beneficial for those who start from scratch.

  • Prasad
    22 August 2019

    very nice content and explanation

  • Selva
    22 August 2019

    Explained the concepts nicely in short time, Awesome!

  • Dasari venkata padmavathi
    24 August 2019

    its really good

    25 August 2019


  • Ansari Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul Reheem
    25 August 2019

    Very best and give good information.

  • Pankaj Sharma
    26 August 2019

    I like the course and content .This course is wonderful for students and experience people who want to enter in VLSI domain. Video session are very clear and explanation is very best.

  • paras dalakoti
    27 August 2019

    this course is really good and the tutor has good knowledge about the course.

  • Chitra Pravin
    28 August 2019

    The overall session was very good.Started with VLSI intro and ended up with verilog operators. Students can able to get all the syntax of verilog and it will be useful for the program writing. nice..

  • Rajoli Padmaja
    28 August 2019

    It was very interesting session.It gav e us the key idea about verilog design.Hope , it will be very helpful in our further higher studies. we have very much impressed and they have expalined each concept in quiet understandable manner.And they have cleared all our queries with very patience.

  • Sneha
    30 August 2019


  • Nilabja Saha
    06 September 2019

    Extremely Good Content !!!

  • Akhil paila
    10 September 2019


  • Pushpinder Sharma
    12 September 2019

    Very knowledgeable webinar. Expect more webinars in future thank you very much regards Pushpinder Sharma BFECT Bathinda

    12 September 2019

    Excellent delivery of lecture and easily understandable by the students.

  • Ravikumar
    27 September 2019

    IT is very good for VLSI beginners ready to work in chip design field

    01 October 2019

    Mind blowing

    09 October 2019

    The way these questions designed is outstanding...well framed , solutions are understandable worth purchasing this course you can gain abundant knowledge

  • Prof Prabhavati Bahirgonde
    14 October 2019

    The session conducted by Mr. Sivakumar, CEO is containing rich technical stuff. The students got an overall idea of the subject. In the curriculum we have the subject VLSI DESIGN next semester. If possible convey such a webinar in the future also.

  • G. Pradeep
    17 October 2019


    26 October 2019

    It is always a great experience to undertake Maven Silicon courses.Loved it.

  • Raghuram
    26 October 2019

    I just applied for this course to learn the VLSI concepts and explore, but it inspired me to score more and apply for the advanced job oriented VM course at Maven Silicon. It is a great learning experience for me …

  • Mohamed Vaseem
    29 October 2019

    Sivakumar sir explained the concepts very well with practical examples, very useful. I am enjoying the course. I recommend this course for the electronics engineers like me who want to work in VLSI industry

  • Divya
    30 October 2019

    Very useful course , excellent explanation, very good doubt clarification sessions by live Q & A sessions.

  • Rakeshpuvvadi
    05 November 2019

    wow super i can learn about well

  • J.Janakiram
    07 November 2019

    Hello folks, I'm very glad to share with you that I have got placed in SAMSUNG. I joined in Maven-silicon 5 months ago , before joining here i took online DM Course from Maven which helped me in improving my Digital and Verilog concepts and gave me enough confidence for entering into the VLSI industry and during online DM course live Q&A sessions specially helped me in clearing all my doubts. first and foremost I need to mention the structure of the course here ,which gives the proper way of understanding the concepts and enhance our skills , and the next thing is Trainers in maven , they are highly skilled and knowledgeable & encourages all the doubts in the learning process and finally gives you placement opportunities until you get placed , I'm very fortunate that i have got placed in the first attempt I will suggest you guys to join in maven and gain the knowledge in the VLSI industry. For a great career in Semiconductor Industry. All you need is Maven's training and your hardwork. Success will surely follow you.

  • chandra sekhar kimidi
    15 November 2019

    This course is very useful to every ECE students...and this course is very easy to understand...Rate

    06 December 2019

    I have just completed the Online VLSI DM course. It has brushed most of the Digital electronics , Verilog and digital design methodologies. This course has good assignments ,quizzes, labs and a project(DIY) which are interesting once u start doing them.But i gave 4 stars because more practice material must be given to the students because the questions asked in quizzes are a little difficult to answer with just the given material.

  • Joel Mandebi Mbongue
    20 December 2019

    So far I am enjoying the course because it presents important information in a high-level and easy to understand manner

  • Mohamad Hazwan Haron
    20 December 2019

    High quality specialized information presented in excellent way

  • Meha
    01 January 2020

    Excellent course to study online. The explanation is Awesome and very practical.

  • Rakshith
    05 January 2020

    Very good explanation, The way he explains the concepts makes me feel that he is sitting along with me and explaining the concepts nicely. I am enjoying the course.

  • Rebecca
    06 January 2020

    Practical examples like SOC verification flow were very useful to understand why we need SystemVerilog to verify the complex chips. This is one of the best online courses that I would highly recommend to the engineers who want to become verification experts.

  • Abhinav Singh
    07 January 2020

    Best course for brushing your basics and getting insights of the vlsi design flow.

  • Mark
    09 January 2020

    I like the way the trainer explains the concepts in detail. I was able to watch the videos repeatedly and discuss my doubts during live Q&A. It helped me so much to understand the concepts clearly. I would say this is much better than the class room session.

  • Rajeshwari
    11 January 2020

    Experienced verification expert explaining the concepts practically is a great thing about this course. Learning becomes very easy because of his explanations.

  • Kevin Mathew
    12 January 2020

    Every concept has been explained in detail with examples. Also the practical examples like SOC TB architecture helped me to understand how we can apply the SV concepts.

  • Sagar Simha K T
    24 February 2020

    GREAT!!! I wish people make use of it. Its worth.

  • Ritvik Tiwari
    07 April 2020

    The course is excellent. Every topic is organized in a proper manner. All the topics are explained clearly and thoroughly. This is a very good course for beginners as well as amateurs.

  • vishal vasantrao kshetry
    17 April 2020

    good content and teaching style is very good.

  • Anmol Gupta
    24 April 2020

    very helpfull, they way of teaching the concept is very good

  • Bhanu Prakash Bonagiri
    04 May 2020

    Clear concept

  • Muruganantham M from Mirafra
    10 May 2020

    Wide area and deep coverage on the subject explained

  • Aman Chaurasiya from Spicaworks
    20 May 2020

    All the concepts shared with example. The course is good for building verification understanding, mainly for SV

  • Nikhil P from VVDN Technologies
    20 May 2020

    System Verilog Concepts were explained beautifully

  • Sai Charan from Alpha Numero
    20 May 2020

    Detailed explanation

  • Ravi Shankar M from Caliber Interconnect Solutions
    20 May 2020

    Content was very clear and explained neatly with relevant examples

  • Sai Pavan from Signoff Semiconductors
    20 May 2020

    Explanation by the Siva Kumar sir was really good and brief

  • Vivek Tiwari from Microchip
    20 May 2020

    The material is helping in solving many of the small doubts we have related to SV and UVM

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