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VLSI Design Methodologies - VLSI DM

VLSI Design Methodologies course is a front end Online VLSI course which imparts the VLSI Design Flow, Digital Design and RTL programming using Verilog HDL.

This course starts with an overview of VLSI and explains VLSI technology, SoC design, Moore’s law and the difference between ASIC and FPGA. With this overview, it walks you through all the steps of complete VLSI Design flow and explains every step in detail. Then it covers the complete digital design, combinational, sequential and FSM designs. And finally it trains you extensively on Verilog HDL programming and makes you a hands-on RTL designer.

Reason to muse on ONLINE VLSI-DM Course

  • Inexpensive Online VLSI Course
  • Online course with Projects, Labs and support material
  • Course Delivered by Industry Experts
  • Scholarship on certification for Job oriented Advanced courses
  • Live Q & A Review Sessions
  • Mobile Apps - Attend anywhere anytime

About Maven Silicon

Maven Silicon is an unique ‘one of its kind’ VLSI Training centre based out of Bengaluru, offering advanced VLSI Design and Verification courses for college graduates and experienced engineers.

At Maven Silicon, engineers just out of college are trained on advanced digital design methodologies and various verification technologies. Our courses are tailored to challenge engineers in learning the latest verification technologies used by the semiconductor industry. This system ensures that the engineers are exposed to cutting edge techniques used by design houses and semiconductor companies.

In fact, Maven Silicon is the only VLSI training institute in India offering SystemVerilog and UVM based advanced verification courses.

Adapting to the evolving changes of the dynamic semiconductor industry, Maven Silicon offers wide range of corporate and professional training courses. We train more than 250 engineers per year, focusing on training solutions as forethought to offering design services to the semiconductor industry. Maven Silicon empowers engineers to learn pioneering solutions that help them triumph over design challenges in the complex world of semiconductors. Our facility is home to highly skilled professionals who efficiently and accurately administer every facet of the design process with unique solutions.

True to the spirit of the name ‘Maven’, the novices or experienced engineers get trained by specialists in the semiconductor industry.

About Our CEO

Sivakumar is the Founder and CEO of Maven Silicon. He is responsible for the company's vision, overall strategy, business and technology. He is also the Founder and CEO of Aceic Design Technologies.

Sivakumar is a seasoned engineering professional who has worked in various fields, including electrical engineering, academia and semiconductor industries for more than 20 years. In semiconductor sector, he has worked as a Verification Consultant for the top EDA companies Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor and helped various ASIC and FPGA design houses deploy and use various verification methodologies effectively, resulting in successful tape out of SoCs and Chips.

He now specializes in offering Verification IPs and consulting services, EDA flow development and corporate trainings on advanced ASIC verification methodologies and technologies. He is the recipient of the "Outstanding Technical Achievement" award from Cadence Design Systems and has delivered various corporate training courses at IBM, NXP, Cypress, Broadcom, Qualcomm, ST Micro, AMD, AvagoTech, Wipro, Samsung, etc.

Sivakumar holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University. To know more about SivaKumar, please visit : LinkedIn

What Industry Says about our CEO ?

Siva was my mentor and trainer at Maven Silicon where I underwent training for Verification. His immense knowledge of the domain and vast industry experience is the right mix for somebody who is responsible to impart knowledge. These qualities coupled with numerous contacts in the Semiconductor - EDA industry make him the right man to head a training organization like Maven Silicon. I wish Siva and Maven Silicon the very best for the future going forward

Adnan Khan, ASIC Verification Engineer

Mr. Sivakumar is a performance oriented guide. In a short span of 1 year, he brought into action, a very dynamic curriculum to guide students in the field of VLSI Design and Verification at Maven Silicon. It is the duty of a teacher to help his students build a strong foundation and integrate from there on. I hired his services twice and thanks to the brilliant quality of education, not to be found anywhere else in India, the result is that I'm right now studying at one of the best institutes for VLSI research in the world. I wish a wonderful future to Mr. Sivakumar and his brainchild, Maven Silicon

Sunder Karthik, ON Semiconductor

Siva is a very good strategist and looks at things from an open mind. Siva is deeply technical and has strong domain knowledge of verification and verification methodology. The industry needs more and more verification design services companies and would highly recommend Siva for their projects

Sharat Kaul, Synopsys

Sivakumar is an enthusiastic and result oriented person who is self driven to achieve the goals he sets. He has good background in verification methodology and practices which he has proven many times

Vasant Mallya, Engineering Director, Cadence