VLSI Verification

VLSI Design Internship

Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if you dont have any experience. Yet to get experience you must first find a job. Its a tricky catch that can be difficult to get around, but an internship is a good way to do it !!

How Internships Help ?  

  • Applying theoretical concepts
  • Unlimited Learnings 
  • Gaining Valuable work experience 
  • Deciding if this is the right career for you   
  • Having an Edge over your Peers

Internship @ Maven Silicon

This Internship starts with learning of concepts on VLSI Design, Digital Electronics & Verilog HDL which will be highly required to start an industry standard protocol based project. Doing this project will make you a hands-on RTL Designer. The project work includes:

  • Project Specification Analysis
  • Creating the Design architecture
  • Partitioning the Design
  • RTL coding in Verilog HDL
  • RTL Synthesis

Takeaways :

  • Internship Certificate from Aceic Design Technologies Pvt Ltd.,
  • Certified RTL Designer 
  • Industry Standard Protocol based VLSI Design Project 
  • Eligible to enrol for Placement Programs with scholarship upto 100%


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